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CONGRATS by Jonas Tofterup (Live!!!!)

After 4.5 years of hard studying and tasting 1,000's of wines I can finally call myself a Master of Wine! What an incredible feeling.

As with most great achievements, this is not possible without the invaluable support from a number of extremely skilled people:

First of all, I would like to thank Elisa Kwon de Alvarez for introducing me to the MW program and for sharing your amazing in-depth knowledge on how to approach the program. Your systematic approach the tasting exam particularly helped me. You are a key reason why I passed the tasting exam on my first attempt!

Matthew Stubbs, your feedback from the MW mock exams were the best!

Fernando Mora MW for being my companion throughout this crazy program. You really inspired me and kept me motivated throughout the program! Sharing room with you so many times (more nights than with my wife during the first 6 months of 2016!) and discussing the wines after mock exams really help me become better at identifying wines. Couldn't have done it without you buddy!

Susan Hulme and Vicky Victoria Burt (my wonderful mentor) for all your priceless feedback on my essays. Could not have passed theory without your generous support!

Thank you Diego Ribbert and Enriqueta Celemín Amaro for offering 48 bottles of your first vintage of your stunning Epitafio 2010 for the first trial of my research on Travel Shock and thank you to Vinoval (Luis Martín) for letting me use your great tasting venue.

Almudena Alberca MW and Viña Mayor for letting me use your lovely wines and beautiful facilities when redoing my research on Travel Shock. Almu, you were of amazing support! Thank you Peter Sisseck, Yulia Zhdanova and Dominio de Pingus for letting me use your lab for my chemical analysis.

Thank you all for joining my tasting panel in November: Javier Azcona FabonAlmudena Alberca MWDavid Forer, Rodrigo Hernandez Pozuelo, Esteban CabezasTeresa Cedenilla JuarezTiago MacenaElisa Kwon de Alvarez,Lynne SharrockPedro Ruiz Belda, Maria Zamarreno, Marcos DPJuan Ayerbe y Diana Diana Isabel Esteban

Thank Pedro Ballesteros TorresSarah Jane Evans MW, Vicky Victoria BurtDavid ForerNatasha Hughes and Norrel Robertson for reading through my drafts of the RP and sending me all your valuable and critical feedback. Without it I would never have reached the level required to pass the RP.

A huge thank you to Matthew Hemming MW (my amazing RP advisor) for all your constructive and critical feedback on my RP – you have been brilliant and so supportive.

Thank you Viña Valdivieso and Caballo Loco for giving all the time and flexibility needed in order to achieve this marvelous title! 

And to my friends and family for understanding my absence and for your interest in my studies over the years.

But there is one person which has a played bigger role in my success than all of the above, and that is my incredibly wife Beatriz. Without your understanding and support throughout all the years, this would have been absolutely impossible! It is now time I make it up to you, so I have now enrolled onto a new study program: “Master of Husband” – it might take a decade for me to achieve this highly regarded degree, but I am determined to achieve it 😀

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