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KM501 Simpatia por el Rhein, Rhin, Riesling...

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KM501 Rhein Riesling

This exciting brand is breathing new life into the German wine market. The number 501 refers to the starting point of the Rheingau, the largest and most famous Riesling region of the world along the Rhine river, precisely 501 kilometers from its source in Switzerland. The cool climate conditions in the Rheingau bring forth well- balanced, light, and fruit driven wines that truly reflect the taste of this beautiful region. The vineyards are mostly slate soil, which absorbs heat during the day and releases it overnight. Also, because the Rhein river turns west through this region, the vineyards surrounding the river have the greatest possible exposure to the sun. KM 501 is a new approach to the world of fine Riesling from the famous Ress family, producing wine in this region since 1870. Over the past 100 years, they have established long-term contracts with selected growers who are advised to cultivate vineyards under exacting standards with restricted yields and specific harvest times. For KM 501 they have set new standards in producing very typical and natural styles of this specific region. Producing top quality German Riesling is more than just a science; it is an art. This vision is deeply rooted at KM 501 and extends throughout the Ress family. KM 501 is a brand of Riesling wines that are crafted from the highest quality grapes processed with only the most modern standards, techniques and technology. All the KM 501 wines are tasted and blended by a committee of oenologists and sommeliers to ensure the highest quality. This wine shows the classic elements of a Riesling grown in the beautiful Rhine valley. Easy to drink, light and fresh, with crisp acidity. On the palate the wine tastes of orange, citrus, and mineral, with crisp apple notes, and a hint of honey on the finish.

KM501 Rhein Riesling

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