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Re: Nou Veremer :^D Wine Forum 05/09/04
Re: Today I’ve seen the price in a journal... Wine Forum 03/09/04
Tinto Figuero Rumor has it that the 2001  Tinto Figuero (Bodegas Garcia Figuero) is the Tasting notes 19/08/04
Jean León Gran Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon There was a time years when some speculated that the strong tannins of the Tasting notes 18/08/04
Re: Does anyone know the St. Laurent grape? Wine Forum 18/08/04
Re: Have we evolved to better enjoy ’wine’ ? Wine Forum 17/08/04
Valsacro Dioro The color of this one is intense purple. The nose is a bit closed for the Tasting notes 11/08/04
Re: This IS really interesting ... Wine Forum 05/08/04
Re: Regarding acidity... Wine Forum 04/08/04
Re: Valsacro Dioro 2001 Wine Forum 04/08/04
Re: Valsacro Dioro 2001 Wine Forum 02/08/04
Re: RE-WoW!! Wine Forum 01/08/04
Re: WoW!! Wine Forum 01/08/04
Quincha Corral Presented to me blind. Definitely different. I thought it was an Tasting notes 30/07/04
Re: AFAIK is not a common method... Wine Forum 29/07/04
Re: A very nice cava rosé... Wine Forum 29/07/04
Re: Some TNs... Wine Forum 28/07/04
Cava Rosat Questions Wine Forum 28/07/04
Re: Spains best white wine ? Wine Forum 28/07/04
Re: Priorat at a glance by Jancis Robinson... Wine Forum 26/07/04
Re: What price? Overprice! Wine Forum 07/07/04
Re: What price? Overprice! Wine Forum 06/07/04
Re: What price? Overprice! Wine Forum 06/07/04
Re: What price? Overprice! Wine Forum 06/07/04
Vega Sicilia Unico This wine still has life in it, but is past its peak. It is a blend of Tasting notes 06/07/04
Re: Spanish kosher wines Wine Forum 02/07/04
Viña San Román This is the second time I have had an opportunity to try the 2001 prior to Tasting notes 25/06/04
Re: Ooops.. I think that we are not talking about the same wine. Wine Forum 23/06/04
Re: Does anybody know where to find Eneas @ Madrid. Thx (v) Wine Forum 23/06/04
Re: Regarding Greek Food & Spanish Wines... Wine Forum 23/06/04
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