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    Re: James Dean?

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    ... I have no clue what you are talking about ... could you possibly ellaborate?

    On the wines part, I have a 1997 CS which I will drink very shortly, and a GR 1996 which I think is becoming ready ;) ... this is a nice cellar, and I have always loved their basic CS and certainly their (aged) GR.


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    Re: James Dean?

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    Jean León’s (his real name was Ceferino Carrión) was friends with the actor James Dean. They became partners in a restaurant venture --“La Scala” in Beverly Hills California. The two worked together to design the place. James Dean died before the restaurant was opened but Jean León continued the project himself, opened the restaurant, made a fortune, and ultimately returned to his native Spain to start the bodega.

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    Re: Jean Leon

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    Hi there,

    Gran Reserva is quite a sure bet! Indeed, I recommend it.

    I recently tasted the 2001, and rate 8.5/10 on the ’spanish side’... I think it will develop further though... The same for the 2000 vintage.

    The vintage that really hit me was de 1993, I tasted on 2004 for the second time (the first on 2000 I think)... really astonishing! incredible complex, elegant and persistent wine.. still to be kept when I tried.



    PS: we should not talk that loud about this winery! we better keep it for ourselves! :^D.

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    Jean Leon/James Dean and Walt

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    I’ll also extend a welcome to Walt (though we have corresponded recently elsewhere)
    Good to have you back and I look forward to reading your TN’s and posts again.

    I knew about La Scala but not the James Dean connection.

    I have never bought the JL Reserva but as I posted it did impress me so I’m on the lookout for it. Anyone have ideas on ageing potential for the reserva ?

    best wishes


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