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    If you have read the article about the wines of Spain London show you will have noticed
    a mention of Jean Leon Pago Cab Reserva 2001.
    This wine was showing very well at the fair some weeks ago. The show brochure listed the wine at £7.99 €10 so I thought it was stunning value.
    However it actually retails for £14 €17 I think it’s still good value.
    However it’s not a wine or winery that seems to get much attention.
    What do people here think about it ?
    Has anyone had the Gran Reserva or the Zemis ?

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    It looks to me as one...

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    Of the ";hidden"; bodegas in Spain. Not noisy in mass media and don’t use to be on into wine reviews. Well... they have a newcomer in the extremely-expensive-wines named Zemis, nonetheless I’m quite interested in tasting old vintages of their traditional CS. Unfortunately only the last release is to be available on wineshops shelves.



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    Too young ?

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    Don’t think so, it was drinking beautifully.
    Not saying it will not last a lot longer though.
    It was my first experience of it and was impressed.

    Bibendum are selling it if you fancy any ! and with the euro rising the price difference is decreasing between the UK and Spain.

    (on another topic, the Copa Santa is superb, better than many C9- didn’t know about the change of style though! my last one was 2000)

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    Re: Too young ?

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    Remember the shop no longer exists.
    Might be abe to get a few together on this ?

    (apologies to others for whom this is too local !!)

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