Agustí Torelló Mata Cavas

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    I agree that Krypta may not be a great value, but at least it proves that cava can compete with champagne at a high level. In addition, this producer has lower priced cavas that I thought were incredibly cheap relative to their quality.

    If my contributions to this side of Verema have earned me a bottle of Krypta, I’ll be happy to come to Spain to drink it.

    I don’t know why more people do not contribute. Several people have told me that they notice the site frequently when they use the internet as a tool to explore Spanish wine.

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    Re: Cavas in the US?

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    Oh god!

    What a pity, I wonder if you can find more (good) cavas. However, Segura Viudas might be better than the others.

    It looks difficult to enjoy good cavas.

    Please ask your supplier about our recommendations, so you will create some demand, but not too much, eh! :^D



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