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    Saw the Majestic wine but didn’t try it. Will give it a try soon.
    The one from Portugal I tried at the London wine fair was impressive and not too pricey from memory (Liberty Wine)

    very kind offer but go to no trouble.
    I have to attend a wedding near there next year so I can stock up (a little !) then.
    London based but you study in the city of my Football team !

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    Ok Ray, if you come any day to Frankby in Liverpool, I’m the sommelier from Hotel Hillbark, and it would be a pleasure to meet you and try some wines together.

    And if you go to Ronda I recommend you the restaurant Casa Santa Pola, they are very goods friends, and have a short but interesting winelist. And the food is really nice.

    Goodbye, and see you soon on the forum

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