Trip to Rioja Region....

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    I will when I get back to my cellar. It will be a couple weeks.

    Another note..I bought a used book off call "; Wines of Rioja by Jan Read "; publish in 1984. I like the book as it has many different subjects on just Rioja wine and the area. Some nice pictures also...Plus the main thing for me it is written in English as my spainish is not so good.

    It has chapter on Bodegas with Bodegas Rioja Santiago in it.
    This is a quote from the book under Bodegas Rioja Santiago "; The older vintages of the ’Condal’ reservas are very fine, and a curiosity is the red ’Enologico’, dating from the inception of the bodega in the annus mirabilis of 1904.

    I wonder if this is there first vintage??? I thought I read somewhere else that the Bodega was older than that.

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    What a great trip...Almost felt like a local from Haro after being there for 25 days in September. Drank a lot of good wine from Bodegas I have heard of plus some good wine from Bodegas I have not heard of. Visited large scale Bodegas (Marques de Riscal) to smaller scale Bodegas (Fernado Remirez de Ganuza). Even visited one place that had about 8.. 20 ft by 30 places?? side by side that each made their on wine under different labels. Interesting how each different Bodega go about making their wine and what is important to them during production.
    Being from USA I got a sense of how wine is part of the culture of having with your food. It was amazing to me to go out to any place that served food at lunch or dinner and hardly see anything but wine being served. Of course getting used to having dinner at 10 - 11 PM took a little getting used to :).

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