Trip to Rioja - advice please

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    Thanks José

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    I really appreciate the trouble you have gone to.
    I have always wanted to visit Haro and Paco and your suggestions look terrific
    but may have to wait for a trip with fellow wine geeks !

    The suggestions closer to Logroño seem more likely.

    Of course a full report will be posted ! ;-)

    Paco Higón
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    Re: Paco.

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    LEt’s go...

    In San Vicente de la Sonsierra: Casa Toni

    In Haro: Atamauri
    or Las Duelas

    Go to Briones to visit the Wine Museum of ‘Dinastia Vivanco’... is a must… they just produce simple wines but the visit is quite interesting. The restaurant at the Museum is also excellent

    I have not been to La Rioja since 2005 so maybe things could have changed… you know… Restaurants close or their quality worsens…. And so on ;-)

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    Re: Paco.

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    Thanks for those links Paco.
    I appreciate your point about things changing but it’s great to have a recommendation.

    I suppose I’m planning a little early !
    But I’m REALLY looking forward to it.

    Santi Frances
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    Re: Trip to Rioja - advice please

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    Ray, I think you have enough information about cellar, although I would never miss Lopez Heredia. In this cellar you will be able to see all the process because they make their own oak barrel and don’t miss the “Cemetery”. Related with the hotels, I have been in
    Casa de Legarda
    Calle Real 11
    Briñas, La Rioja 26290

    This in not a hotel, it is the Spanish version of a bed and breakfast house. You can see it in the web, it is a typical riojan house Brines a small village close to Haro, the house is really nice.
    Enjoy your visit.

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