Trip to Rioja - advice please

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    Trip to Rioja - advice please

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    I plan to spend two days in Rioja this summer.
    I’d like to (obviously !) visit some bodegas and ideally spend a night at or near one
    of them.
    The second night has to be in Logroño, so where do I spend the first ? Is there a really nice restaurant/bodega/hotel option ?
    AND which bodegas do I HAVE to visit.

    One more thing I’m probably going to be there on July 25th 26th.

    Thanks very much for any advice.

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    Far? Not really...

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    Spain is not a big country and La Rioja neither ;)
    Haro is a village about a 50 km. away from Logroño. Barrio de La Estación is... hmm... not pretty sure about how to translate ’barrio’ and I don’t have my dictionary near... neighborhood? (viertel in german)
    Haro is a village where there’re some wineries and there’s a zone in this village where you can find most of them, for instance, López de Heredia, Muga, Bodegas Bilbainas is very near. For me is awesome as a winegeek when I arrive and suddenly appear together some of the wineries I know since I was a child. I really love the old wineries like LdH & Muga... it’s like a travel to 100 years back.
    I think that there’s a nice hotel in Haro, named ’Agustinos’ (please Paco correct me if I’m wrong) in the center of the village and I’ve read that it’s a very good hotel.



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    Re: Far? Not really...

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    yes barrio is neighbourhood, I understood that but I didn’t realise
    there was a particular district in Haro with these famous bodegas so thanks for that.
    I’m traveling with some non wine geeks so asking them to do 100km round trip
    might be pushing it but you never know.

    I was thinking about CVNE/Contino and Sierra Cantabria/San Vicente
    does anyone know if they are visitor friendly ?

    Paco Higón
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    Re: Far? Not really...

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    Jose is right... ";Agustinos"; is a really nice hotel, places in an old monastery place in the core of the village.

    In the Barrio de la Estación (Rail-road Station Quarter) you will find not only some of my favourite classic cellars (Lopez de Heredia, Muga, La Rioja Alta,...) but also some modern ones, like Roda.

    -off topic- Did you receive my e-mail, Ray?


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    Some additional info.

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    Hi Ray,
    I’d to look for a couple of books in my panic room to post this info. It’s a panic room ’cos I feel panic each time I have to look for something between the boxes of books due to my usual house movings ;)
    Well, CVNE is in Haro, Sierra Cantabria in San Vicente de La Sonsierra (about 40 Kms. from Logroño) and Viñedos del Contino is in La Serna (9 kms from Logroño). Some contact data:
    - CVNE (Haro):
    Barrio de La Estación
    Tlf: 941.304.800
    Visits: During the year except August. Call to 941.204.809 for visit reservation

    - Sierra Cantabria (San Vicente de La Sonsierra):
    Amorebieta, 3. (

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