Off-topic: Welsh rarebit question.

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    A nice british snack...

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    Whose main ingredients are beer & cheese... when it looks like a sort of fondue you can spread on crostinis and after an extra touch into the oven... it looks yummi :)
    Another way is using creme fraiche and mixing with the cheese, again a touch in the oven ’til change the colour and then sprinkle with some touches of Worchestershire sauce... :))))
    It’s an off the cuff explanation, but if you want the whole recipe let me know ;)
    My doubt is about the use of a yolk. It appears in some recipes, but not in some others.



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    Re: A nice british snack...

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    Wow, you are so ";fino";, José! When my parents and grandparents used to make it it was just cheese on toast melted under the grill :-)

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    Re: Off-topic: Welsh rarebit question.

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    Hi there,

    Traditional welsh rarebit ( sometimes rabbit ) is simply a slice of toasted bread with a slice of good cheese melted on top under the grill. It sometimes has a little bit of chopped onion or tomato and is always finished with a splash of Worcester sauce and ground white pepper to your taste.It is a snack and would make a good almuerzo.


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