Wines of Rafael Cambra

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    Re: Wines from DO Valencia

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    Unfortunatley I just now learned that the store that had this no longer does. I only know of one other store in the US that has it, but it charges more than the wine costs to ship it. Maybe some 2002s will become available.

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    Re: Vine Nursery

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    Dear Paco,

    Vine Nusery! It’s indeed in the word. Grafting vines, I should have
    know. Thank you very much.

    Just had a mail from Rafael Cambra and he just told me he has got a new wine (monastrell/cab) with minimum sulphur dosage and has just 1200 bottles. He’s thinking of a name like Minimum.
    Any of you guys have a good strong name for a minimum sulphur and minimum intervention wine for Rafael Cambra?


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    Re: Evolution of grapes in Celler del Roure

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    Have been a while, but I was travelling and afterwards catching up all the work.

    Two weeks ago I finally had my share of good luck. I was able to taste the wines of Celler del Route and the other estate in Valencia called Migistellio (I spell it wrongly, but you guys probably know).

    I talked to the winemakers and tasted their wines. I agree with you that the wines of Celler del Route are more typical for the region of Valencia than the wines of Rafael Cambra. The Bobal grape can be a very big influence in that. Still I tasted the Valencia DOS 2003
    and Valencia UNO 2002 last week again and they are really amazing.
    especially if you consider that the vines of the DOS are only 4 years old. The styl is maybe more international, but the winemaking behind it is damn good and the prices are more than okay. As with all good wines with good prices, it’s a pitty you cannot buy enough!!
    Production are just too limited.

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