’The Gastriad’ (my V3 notes)

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    Walt sounds like......

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    It sounds like you need some folks to go round to your place and do some stock taking and organisation....
    Having heard about your impeccable taste in good wine payment in kind would be fine !!!

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    I don’t drink wine since many years ago...

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    Well... you know it! ;) But as much as I learn, the more a think that I don’t wanna to taste any wine... I wan’t to drink wine, not to taste them. Yep, I know that not everybody can choose the way they sip a wine... but well... I do prefer to drink 2 wines, than taste 200 hundred... ;)



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    Re: ’The Gastriad’ (my V3 notes)

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    Gastro, impresive ... I am speacheless ... when I grow old I want to become Gastro!!! ... a hero .. wonderful TN’s (and a wonderful job!!!! ... I could not taste so many, and I did not take even one single note, shame on me :-((( ... )


    Juan Such
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    Larmandier-Bernier 99

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    The Larmandier Bernier was a 99. After your comments, the last Saturday I couldn’t avoid opening the other bottle I bought. It was closed as hell. I suppose writing ’austere’ is more polite for the wine :-) I agree with you that it was too high on bubbles and dry on the mouth. I don’t know if it’s going to evolve but currently I can see it as a fizz of pleasure and the price ticket is not cheap (26 euros).

    I have written a brief TN (in Spanish): https://www.verema.com/comunidad/vinoscatados/vino.asp?vino=6970

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    Malleolus 2002

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    Well, the 2001 was soooo goood and just released that I believe you don’t have to worry about the 2002 yet. One issue here is that normally if you get an irregular vintage and a great top wine...the second one usually suffers the strict selection that preserved the quality of the first.

    On the other hand it would be more logical to skip the grand vin and pour all the good stuff into the regular Malleolus. That’s at least what people say of Mauro:
    1997. No Terreus. Superb VS.
    1998. Superb Terreus. Superb VS.
    Difference? 1997 was a lousy year.

    2002. Great Valderramiro. Malleolus not tried yet, impossible to venture guesses, because we’re lacking information here in the opposite way (we have tried V not M) but the Moro family certainly own lots of Has. in Ribera and they may be able to produce good stuff at the three levels (only scarcer than usual, and/or more expensive).
    Sorry I’m not of much help, all I can say after this much is that one cannot necessarily infer that the 2002 Malleolus will be good just from the quality of the Valderramiro...

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    Re: Larmandier-Bernier 99

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    Shame! I guess two years would have worked wonders for it, but then, it is sooo hard to wait on champagne... let alone here in the middle of La Mancha, where BTW summer is now mercifully delayed for another few weeks...
    I don’t want to be here when the sun explodes in June! My refrigerator will have to do the dirty work for me, and I’ll suffer every single day I’m away from my wine (though I’m not leaving anything valuable. Next year is a different issue).

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