’The Gastriad’ (my V3 notes)

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    Yep, It was me who brought the Dr. Loosen

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    I was crossing my fingers for it not to be corked! I’d bought two bottles and the other was insanely corked!.

    Yeah, I must admit I’m in love with ";La Diva";, it’s true :^)

    By the way, great report!!!
    THuRStoN ";The Convert";^Peña Bilbao

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    Re: Mauro 2001

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    Thanks Walt, I agree that Mauro made an unusually poor impression, and since it was Javier Z who was pouring (no corked stuff from him, I believe) I guess I simply got a just-opened bottle, reduced or clumsy or both. It doesn’t worry me at all because Mauro is the sort of still-affordable stuff that I invariably try every year. But given the reputation for irregularity 2002 is garnering, and the recent scores for 2001... I better hurry up... :^)

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    Re: Mauro 2001

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    The 2001 Mauro is just now being distributed in the US, but I had it is Spain a couple of months ago. I brought it to a friend’s place for dinner, but opened it at home about 90 minutes in advance, decanted it, funnelled it back into the bottle, and carried the recorked bottle to my friends’ place. The wine opened very nicely.

    I’m sure there will be good wines in 2002, but I agree that there will be a lot of inconsistency. One does not need to know so much to make good choices in 2001. In 2002, it will not be so easy. Of course, I planned for this and purchased a large quantity of 2001s.

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