Parker scores on Spanish wines

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    Well you may need some beach time to console yourself, or at least a break to fan yourself on some modernist chaise lounge. I just discovered that, with respect to the ’67 Trot, you and the august personage again are in firm agreement. In his customary understated fashion, he calls it ";spectacular"; and ";still exuberantly rich, crammed with fruit, and a total joy to drink. Full bodied and remarkably concentrated, this multidimensional wine offers amazing opulence and richness .... A smashing success!";

    In all events, I shall continue to be bemused by your passion about Parker. I mean a wine critic, whether good, bad or indifferent, is not exactly an exalted role. His function is a mere step up from the taster at a medieval banquet. If he turns green and chokes on his vomit, it’s a pretty good sign that the revellers should skip that course.

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