Parker scores on Spanish wines

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    Juan Such

    Parker scores on Spanish wines

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    Finally, the new ’Wine Advocate’ is out and it seems that there are high scores for several Spanish wines.

    I have read this thread on the Parker forum:;f=1;t=031763

    Walt Z. comments, as a word of mouth, the following scores:
    Neo 2001 - 95
    Neo PA 2001 - 95+
    Astrales 2001 - 93
    Palomero 2001 94-6
    COMA D’EN POU 2001 - 92
    Eno - 96
    Mogador 2001 - 98
    Pingus 01 - 95
    L’Ermita 01 - 96
    Vall Llach - 96
    Calvario 01 - 95
    Numanthia/Termanthia 01 - 95-96
    Erasmus 01 - 98

    And Victor de la Serna: ";A 98+ for Aalto PS 2001 (barrel sample), a 96 for Aalto PS 2000 and another 96 for Valsacro Dioro 2001, a wine from a small Rioja Baja winery";

    Anybody can confirm these scores? Our worst fears as consumers are been confirmed :-) Hopefully, people around the world will be more concerned with the ratings on Bordeaux 2003...

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    Re: Parker scores on Spanish wines

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    Aalto PS 2001 (barril) 98+
    Aalto PS 2000 96
    Clos Mogador 2001 98
    Vall LLach 2001 96
    Embruix 2001 94
    Calvario 2001 95
    Clos Erasmus 2001 98
    Artadi Pagos Viejos 2001 97
    Artadi Grandes Añada 2001 98+
    Numantia 2001 95+
    Finca Dofi 2001 93
    Clos Martinet 2001 96

    from Zachy’s

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    Just one more reason to stay the hell away...

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    Ah, like a pig to the proverbial excrement, the Grand Guru from Maryland (an obscure sub-sub-sub-department in Castilla-La Mancha) does his thing yet again. Of course, all these wines give you plenty of clues for you to stay the hell away from them. Start with the pretentious names (I mean, ";Neo?"; how silly is that? Stuff for the ";neo-riche?"; Or aren’t these people hip to the fact that the whole Matrix thing ceased to be cool after the first film?). Follow with the already laughable prices. Then finish off with the pathological pseudoauthorities anointing these bottles as God and Spain’s Gift to the Wine World... No reason why one should even desire such products, given all these indications, ¿verdad?


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    Unwise investments...

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    Wow! It’s been a while since someone’s lobbed that sorry excuse at me!!! ";Wine investor?"; Poor thing... I mean, there are easier, safer ways in which to get you money to ";go forth and multiply."; Wine, as a commodity is rather risky and requires too many factors between seller and purchaser to go exactly right that I would hardly find it worthwhile. Using any Guru’s ratings as a guide to the prestige (and subsequent bankability) of any particular wine is silly. It assumes too much of something that is essentially subjective (the Guru’s appreciation for a product) and something else that is as fragile as it is ephemeral, which is said Guru’s good reputation for reliability.

    Tout court, dear sir, Assuming you are using
    Mr. Parker’s highly redoubtable scores as investment guides, your prospective client base (the clueless lot unto whom you may eventually ";flip"; your goods) must be people for whom The Wine Advocate is also the One True Gospel. Limited growth options...

    What distresses me most about your brief and ultracynical post--and be offended if you must, but this is my truth--is that it completely obviates the definition of Verema that appears at the top, left-hand corner of your screen: ";Comunidad de aficionados del vino."; I go further than a mere ";afición."; I’m a passionate lover of real, stimulating, fine wine. As such, your view of wine as something in which one ";invests,"; makes me think that you are equating something I adore to not much more than a whore.

    Sorry, had to say it. And if you feel I’m being harsh, well.. You asked for it.


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    Re: Unwise investments...

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    MCamblor, I am not a wine investor. I just wanted to say that it is a fact that prices grow up very rapidly after Parker’s ratings are published (if those are good, of course).
    Lots of people live from wine trading and for them, Parker’s ratings are an essential guide.
    Please, do not personalice this message in me.
    One thing is trading to make money and other thing is buying and drinking what you like to.

    That’s all.

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    Re: Unwise investments...

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    Let’s face it, for a long time now, Parker scores have amounted to little more than a license to speculate (or, in good Spanish, a term I prefer, a ";patente de corso";) for any number of bodega-owners, brokers, importers, distributors andretailers who deal in the wines that almost invariably receive the high scores from that ";critic.";

    Please don’t even begin to read in my text the implication that I am against anyone making a living from wine. I believe in making an honest living at anything and everything. Heck, I even believe in getting rich... Filthy rich, at that. But forgive me if I tend to turn my nose up at speculators and shysters who prey on cretins and lemmings with no minds of their own. That’s what a lot of these peddlers of Parker points do, pure and simple.

    I was once in the wine business myself, for a very short period. I tried to provide people with what I considered to be real wine, at real prices. Wine that would go beautifully with food, that would warm their hearts and entice their minds and tongues to the best possible conversation. Unfortunately, many of my clients would come in asking what the Parker scores of the wines I proposed were. After a while, I realized there was more money to be made, with much less frustration, elsewhere. Yep, Parker has his followers. But, I reiterate, are they a real, viable client base? Maybe if what they’re buying is Parker, but not if what they’re truly interested in is wine.

    Now Diego, are you in Spain? If you are, you should take with a grain of salt (or a whole rock, like cows lick) Mr. Parker’s scores and advice for investors/speculators. Remember, as far as the records show, the man has never visited Spain on a professional capacity, doesn’t know the land, the people and their idiosyncrasies. Anyone can tell me that it’s a cinch to ";invest"; in .com stock X, but should I not inform myself and analyze things according to my own desires and needs, I’d be a fool to just drop my money on that word-of-mouth.

    But hey, I shouldn’t provide any more free advice to any potential Spanish investors in the industry of Parker. I’ll be happy to read about you guys in the financial pages.



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    Re: Unwise investments...

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    Manuel, put it in this way:

    I love wine but because of many reasons, I usually try 1 or 2 bottles a week (3 the most).

    I live in Spain but I come to the USA very often and I always like to buy some bottles here.

    There are thousands of different wines in the USA wine industry.

    When I go into the shop, how am I suppose to know what to buy?

    I obviusly do not want to waste the hudred of opportunities I have a year to drink wine. Hence I need to trust recomendations.

    If I am lucky and I find a professional on the shop, I can trust him/her but, If I go into, let’s say Costco, I won´t find any.

    I have bought many ";mediocre"; expensive wine in the USA and I am tired of that. Now, when I have nothing else, I follow ratings like Parker´s, WS, ST, etc.
    Of course that, for spanish wines, I do not need to follow those ratings as I follow spanish wines since ever but when it comes to buy, for example, USA wines, I need information on where to put my money.
    I tell you this because this example may occur to lots of people in the world and here it comes the importance of wine ";raters";....

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