The wine consumption declines in Spain

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    Re: I agree with everyone ...

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    I’m sure that there are some sociological changes (when I was a kid, there was -cheap- wine in every table, lunch and dinner, and ’tapas’ at bars was mostly with wine -chatos- now things are very different), but also wines are getting horribly expensive ... now we think that 6 euros is a cheap wine ... hey, that’s 2000 of the old pesetas! ... and usual ";reasonable"; prices are around 9 euros (3000 pesetas!!!) ... expensive, really ... very expensive ...


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    And even less....

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    For less than 2 EUR there’re a couple of really (really-really-really! ;) nice Borsaos. On the other hand you can buy a wider range of wines at an affordable prices from may other countries aaaaand... even you can buy Marboré cheaper than in Spain ;)



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    Re: And even less....

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    Not any more - they stopped selling it!

    I don’t think there are any Spanish wines now that are cheaper here, except maybe the trophy wines, and of course I don’t bother with them!

    It is amazing tho that wines like Borsao can be sold at 400% the Spanish price, and yet they are still good value!

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    Re: oooopppsssss ...

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    ... geeeeezzzz ... you are, of course, right!!! ... so they do not seem so outrageously expensive any more ... who knows what I was thinking about! ... one can not age gracefully ;))


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    I remember buying Protos (joven) for less than 200pts in 1990.
    Still it’s pound for euro over here in Spanish wines.
    Though I have to say that I expect this situation. If you live in a country where thew wine is produced down the road it should be cheaper (slightly) than after all the transportation costs etc. I find that this is the case with Spanish and Italian wines but French wines are often the same price here in the UK as in France.

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