The wine consumption declines in Spain

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    Paco Higón

    The wine consumption declines in Spain

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    The consumption of wine in Spain has reached a historical minimum. According to the ministry of Agriculture, the consumption registers a new fall (5,2% in volume in 2006) to reach 10,84 million hl. In value, the reduction is not that big (- 4%), because are especially the table wines those who experimented the biggest fall. The consumption per capita cut down still more strongly (- 6,9%) and falls to 24,9 litres per capita against 26 litres in 2005.

    It is especially the consumption “out-of-home” that falls (- 8,3%) even though it still represents the most important share of domestic consumption (56,8%). Home-consumption to falls only - 0,8%.

    So let’s drink to support the wine industry ;-)


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    I think it’s really normal...

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    The decreasing of consumption out-of-home. What I find something to be aware of is the at-home consumption. Well, after all when you’re at home you have no car to drive to nowhere most of times, so no reason to have more than a couple of sips if you feel in the mood to. The only reason for this I find is... EURIBOR!!! If you see the light where say ’fasten your seat belts’ everytime BCE open their mouths many people (I include myself despite I’m in a rental department) try to find where to cut their outgoing money, so maybe wine consumption is one of the withdrawal to cut. Just to compare, any data about restaurants, cinemas and any other ’hobbies’?



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    Re: I find no other reason :-/

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    Seems strange to me. When I come to Spain it always seems to me that things are pretty good economically, unquestionably much better than when I lived there 15 or 20 years ago. Isn’t it just that the consumption of cheap wine has fallen dramatically, and this was always the lion’s share of consumption? Is there no data on whether this fall in consumption is at all price levels? I would be very surprised if this is the case.

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    Re: The wine consumption declines in Spain

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    I think the statistical data does not show that much change really.

    The population of spain has seen large increases in the last couple of years and not all the newcomers are wine drinkers. In the main for example our Romanian neighbours drink beer almost exclusively. For our part we Brits will do all we can to keep consumption of wine up!

    Secondly the police approach and campaign on drink driving does have an effect on consumption as the brewery and pub industries have discovered in the UK.

    As far as cheaper wine is concerned I have not noticed a fall in consumption of tinto at almuerzo time in the bar I frequent here in Vilamarxant and trolleys exclusively full of wine ,spirits and beer at the local supermarkets are still the norm! You Spanish certainly know how to party!!!!

    Finally whilst expensive wine is a luxury which we certainly cut out when UK interest rates were high (and thus mortgage rates as well) there were still bottles of equally enjoyable medium priced wines which could still be afforded as substitutes.

    I suspect it will all even out in due course


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