Jacob’s Creek screwcap

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    I dare it’s a label issue...

    I’m not pretty sure, but I think that Rueda Verdejo label allows more than a significant percentage of SB. Nevertheless there’re some other labels (like 100 % Verdejo, obviously) that limit this amount of SB.



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    Re: I dare it’s a label issue...

    I thought it might also have sth to do with the yeasts used? In any case, Rueda is proving to be a tough competitor for NZ Sauvignons over here (esp because Rueda is cheaper!)

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    Probably the yeast, yep.

    Regarding the fight for the market with NZ SB... arf... I the only pro they have is the price (cheaper from Rueda than NZ) I dare they’re making their own grave #-/ Verdejo and SB are really different (ok, both are white ;) and this difference can give them a good change in UK market, but the price... sooner or later a blockbuster can arrive and win you selling a cheaper one! I don’t know, but I’d try to fight in this segment, giving the difference of ’real’ verdejo than doing a make-up SB #-(



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    Re: Probably the yeast, yep.

    Yes, but Rueda doesn’t have even 10% of Nz’s marketing budget, and as we all know, that’s 10 times as important as quality as regards selling wine!

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