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Qué verguenza! Solo ahora me doy cuenta ahora de que por "VS" no te referías a

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Qué verguenza! Solo ahora me doy cuenta ahora de que por "VS" no te referías a Mauro! :))

VS Único 2014, 98 puntos, consumo 2026-2044

The 2014 Único is still unreleased in bottle (it should be released in 2024), and the magnum will be sold even later, in 2026. But I had a unique opportunity to taste a magnum in a vertical of all the magnums they had ever produced and therefore had an earlier snapshot of the wine, which was quite impressive. 2014 was a good vintage in the zone, a year with good rain and a big crop, not as powerful as 2012 or 2015 but a year with finesse. The wine felt very balanced, lower in alcohol and with integrated oak, Atlantic, crunchy, fresh and still young, but with three or four more years in bottle, it should be wonderful. It has to be one of the finest vintages of recent times. The grapes—94% Tinto Fino and 6% Cabernet Sauvignon—were harvested between the 20th of September and the 3rd of October. The wine was bottled in May 2020.

VS Único 2013, 97 puntos, consumo 2023-2035

I had already tasted the 2013 Único from magnum in a vertical tasting of all the magnums ever produced and was quite impressed by it (and the still unreleased 2014 that should be available in 2024). 2013 saw a rainy harvest, and the wine is subtle, elegant and fresh, complex, silky and with precision. The wine matured in 225-liter barrels in an initial phase and then in 22,000-liter oak vats until it was bottled in June 2019. This year, the final blend was 97% Tinto Fino and 3% Cabernet Sauvignon with a little less alcohol, 14%, and a pH of 3.78 and 5.2 grams of acidity, fresh and balanced, more elegant and subtler. Único often transcends the character of the vintage and doesn't follow the norm in the region, and the 2013 is a good example of that. It was a very rainy and complicated vintage; they harvested quite quickly to avoid botrytis, and while other people waited for concentration, they did not, and their approach clearly paid back. It's aromatic and floral, less dense than the 2012, subtler, more expressive and more elegant. It's clean and fresh, tasty, with very fine tannins. It's a big surprise for the vintage and one of the finest Únicos in the last few years. 76,476 bottles, 3,658 magnums and some larger formats produced, the shortest crop since 2009.

VS Reserva Especial Release 2023, 97 puntos consumo 2023-2034

The NV Único Reserva Especial 2023 Release is a blend produced with vintages 2009, 2011 and 2012, in search of a house style. It's a blend of Tinto Fino with some Cabernet Sauvignon with 14% alcohol, a pH of 3.85 and 5.2 grams of acidity (measured in tartaric acid per liter of wine); so, it's a slightly lighter version of Reserva Especial. When in theory they used three warm, ripe and powerful vintages, the blend is not excessively powerful, but the longer élevage has polished that power and delivered a classical and proportioned wine, aromatic, spicy, with the Vega nose and a velvety palate with very fine tannins and great elegance. 18,318 bottles and 233 magnums produced. It was bottled in June 2019.


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