Second bottle


Today is better, more oxidative, complex and fruity. It is a flower-day bio.

This wine reminds me of a two other oxidative varieties such as Palomino from Sherry world and Chardonnay from Champagne, when you look forward ecological like sparkling Cote de Sezanne or Epernay.

Don´t hesitate saying that is a volcanic island, and you notice fruit baked (apple, plum, quince) and peanuts.

The flower aromas are typical Spanish "gerbera and Flor de tocador".

In the palate is dry, with crispy acidity, medium alcohol and low taninns, but you can notice the oxidative power (October´s Harvest) from Greco and Falanghina. Medium body to plus, medium plus intensity flavours, and long-citrus finish (lemon, tangerine, lime) more fruity than the last time.


PAIRING for today

Tagliatelle, mint, tartuffo and Thona.


Enjoy ad hoc.


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    Javier Azcona

    24-hour Tasting.-

    Why not still Spanish wines? The Cava´s Grapes, because are mediterranean, with medium acidity, not chalky, and oxidative ( an important point in still white wines from Penedés).

    It is not Viognier or Chenin Blanc, It is fault of finesse, and slightness. Overall, the alcohol is low.

    The salty notes, fresh and more oceanic than mediterranean, as well as the oxidative character, is coming to Italy, in this case, Campania region.

    Today is fruity: lemon, quince, baked fruit (white and yellow), sweet orange melon.
    Continious with honey, white flowers, marmalade. Hints of green grass, smoky and chalk.

    Gamey, jammy, baked, oxidative lemon, tangerine, water pear, pineapple.
    Medium acidity, dry, medium alcohol "in crescendo", low tannins. Medium body, some aqueous.
    Young, not tired, good acidity from Greco, and Falanghina overall.
    Finish: Little bitter, balanced,plum, frutiy, juicy.

    Roasted chicken, Yellow Tomato coulis, dehydrated peach, and mint

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