Old CVNE's

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    I'm near of breaking my ears...

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    Trying to flapping them up and donw as the "real" Yoda ;)))))

    Happy to ear another opinion about Acoustic. I've it in my to-do list and both opinions head to the same way so maybe it's better to me to avoid it...

    From my point of view there are many winemakers that make their wines with that new-wave style we say. Experimenting many things, taking a look in the market but not on their vines. I think that both styles are ok but the new one needs more years to develop and improve, so then we (drinkers ;) will be able to identify the winemakers we like. In the meanwhile I won't pay the experiments of any newcomer that thinks that his new wine deserves my scared wallet.



    P.S. And looking forward your opinions on any wine you wanna talk about...

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    Re: Old CVNE's

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    Arriving a bit late. But, yes, I was at a vertical tasting at CVNE, and for me also Imperial and Viña Real are gorgeous wines. I prefer the Viña Real, they are more ethereal, elegant and rounder. But both Imperial and VR are very good wines and very Rioja in a classical way. I think they never used cabernet sauvignon (at least not in the 88-62 period that we tasted).

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    Re: Old CVNE's

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    I was very impressed with the Vina Real I tried.
    I would like to get my hands on some other old CVNE's and even some GR's from 94 my son's birth year.
    BUT I wonder if they are still made to last like these old wines of if the winemaking style has changed.
    However I greatly enjoyed the Imperail GR 1996 but it was different. Perhaps with time it would evolve similarly ?
    Also am I correct in the belief that the Real de Asua is made from vineyards once used for Imperial and not Vina Real ?
    Perhaps next summer an old Rioja offline ! ;-)

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    Re: Old CVNE's

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    Hello Gonzalo,
    Happy New Year !! (a little late)
    The same is true for me with the 79's
    It seems to me that 30 yrs is the ideal time to try these.
    Do you think the current Imperials/Vina Reals are made to last as long ?

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    Re: Old CVNE's

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    Belated greetings, Ray. On New Years day my wife and I had our wine tasting group to our country house for good food and a interesting array of wines. The first bottle was a 1954 Vina Real and somewhere in the middle were two bottles of 1982. The '54 was intact, but somewhat more fragile and subtle than the '54 Bosconia that I have had on several occasions (most recently a couple of weeks ago with the delightful Mercedes López de Heredia in the bodega's "cemetary"). The 1982's were brilliant, velvety with sweet bright red respberry and blackberry fruit still predominating, with tertiatiay notes of tobacco and earth present but in the background, and a presence of smoke that was almost ethereal. The '81 Vina Real I had a few days later was excellent, but not as lively. Finally, I have to mention a bottle of Vina Real from 1959, my birth year, for which I have no tasting notes. The pristine bottle was presented to my as a most generous gift by my friend Jesús Madrazo. It will be a difficult bottle to open.

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    Re: Old CVNE's

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    Thanks Walt. Some interesting drinking there!
    I read with great interest your comments on the 81/82's.
    I still don't know how the more recent (96 on) vintages compare and for instance how
    the Imperial may have changed since the introduction of the Real de Asua.
    I have enjoyed some lovely bottles from this estate and just wonder if the style has changed.
    (I have read comments to this effect)
    The 76 Real was the best wine I drank last year.
    I had hoped to visit CVNE last summer but it was closed and I was unable to visit.
    I still drove past and looked at the winery and vineyards.
    I hope to visit again.

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