January & February wines...

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    January & February wines...

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    Hi all,
    my usual rollercoaster, you know...

    - Borsao Garnacha Mitica 2005. Bodegas Borsao. DO Campo de Borja (1.3 EUR)
    Yes, the price is the one you’re seeing. No mistyping, no misreading. What do we find inside the bottle? A talkative wine that’s a good garnacha sample. As uncorked it’s fruity, vivid, fresh, sincere, with a touch of acidity and soft astringency. If would exist more wines like this the wine consumption would grow and grow!

    - Señorío de Sobral 2005. Bodega Señorío de Sobral. DO Rias Baixas. (about 6 EUR)
    Flower, fruit and fresh. It’s a nice example of Albariño and it’s well paired with food. While you eat and talk you can drink the whole bottle without realize. Good QPR.

    - Enrique Mendoza Shiraz-Cabernet. Reserva 2000. Bodegas Enrique Mendoza. DO Alicante.
    Fruity and without annoying wood. This wine has no pretension. I
    wouldn’t run for it to the winestore, but it’s ok to keep it in mind just in case. It’s a nice quaff to be paired with food, for instance a stew veal tail.

    - Schoffit Riesling Lieu-Dit Harth. Cuvée Caroline. 2000. Domaine Schoffit - Bernard et Robert Schoffit. AOC Alsace. (15.69 EUR)
    Golden. Mango and apple in the oven, honey and a really nice smell of hydrocarbon. It’s a weighty sip and as nice as in nose. It’s been nicely paired with millefeuille of advocate, salmon and white asparagus. Nice wine.

    - Castillo de Agüarón Crianza 2003. DO Cariñena (2.45 EUR)
    As fruity as the young wine of the same winery, but adding a touch of tannins and hint of astringency. No trace of wood and it’s really nice even being a 2003! What else can I say after seeing that the price is less than 3 EUR!

    - Colet Assemblage Extra Brut. Josep Colet. DO Cava.
    Cupper with not so many and slow bubbles. In nose and mouth is esentially red fruit, with a soft weight, maybe creamy. ’Wine’ is the word that defines this cava. It’s nicely paired with some veggies with a topping of marinated salmon. ’Golden Brown’ -Stranglers- sounds
    in the hi-fi. Coincidence?

    - Cañada Real Tinto Roble 2004. Bodega Vicente Sanz. DO Rueda.
    Blur red wine. Touch of meat; acidity and red fruit almost disappeared. Correct, I guess. Boring. Forgettable.



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    Re: January & February wines...

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    Hi Jose, I did taste the Mitica, and I think for the price it’s a very correct wine. I will have to taste the cariñena, where did you buy the wine? Also in Mercadona like the mitica? Btw did you taste the Borsao crianza 2004? price 2,60 or something. Not bad either. I’ll see if I can add some more interesting wines to it next time.


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    Re: Yep, I’ve tasted that Borsao...

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    The Borsao is everywhere you look here in the UK. Half the corner shops seem to have it, most of the supermarkets... God knows how they make so much!

    Price £5 (€9) here tho :-(

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    Re: I guess that in this price range...

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    For me there is no question that Aragonese Garnacha offers some of the best value around on the UK market. I would say that only Languedoc-Roussillon and Chile compete with it. Languedoc probably offers more variety and regional character - for me many Spanish wines have got a bit too ";international"; in character! - but for quality of grapes at this entry price level, Aragón is very hard to beat. Nowhere else in Spain gets close, as the wines on sale in the UK from Jumilla etc are usually too ";international"; in style, for my tastes at least!

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