November wines.

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    November wines.

    Hi all,
    here we go with my monthly report...
    - Terras Gauda 2004. DO Rias Baixas
    Día de Todos los Santos... alle Heilige... Halloween. Today a white wine from Galicia. Sort of reminiscence. Golden. Scent of white flowers, greengage, grapefruit, mango and herbaceous hint. In mouth as well, adding a bitter touch that disappears the next day... Ooops, I forgot the bottle in the fridge without cork. Weighty sip, nice acidity that brings a remarkable persistence. It’s a nice quaff and even better paired with food. Today with a casserole of cuttlefish and

    - Baltos 2004. Dominio de Tares. DO Bierzo (5.35 EUR)
    Dark hue. Warm milk over your skin, it reminds me maternal milk. In some minutes rippen (but not overripen!) fruit overlaps the milky character. Dry stone. Nice and silky quaff. Good QPR.

    - Côtes de Provence Appellation Côtes de Provence Controlee 2005. Bottled by Pradel for S.A. des Domaines Fabre-Pradel (3.95 EUR)
    Onion skin hue. Extremely soft nose. Red fruits, summer meadows, balsamic and a hint of faded rose petal. It’s even softer sip; seems as if it would disappear as you drink. Some hours after it fulfil the promise and it’s not more than a red fruits reminiscence. It’s soooooooo soft. I guess that’s not so bad as talking-wine next to the sea. Anyway we can’t look for a miracle for this price.

    - Martinez Lacuesta Crianza 2001. Bodegas Martinez Lacuesta. DOC Rioja.
    Medium hue. Licquorized cherries, touches of leather and coffee grains. In mouth as well and the usual vanilla hint in backnose, but soft, so it’s not a disappointment. It’s been a nice quaff. Simply a nice quaff.

    - Ribereño 2005. Bottled by Ribereño. DO Ribera del Duero (less than 3 EUR)
    First impression: Fruit. After 5 seconds disappear and comes something like dried fish (’mojama’ in spanish). Some minutes after: Greeeeeeen. And that’s all friends! Only green. Smell green. Taste green. This way during 4 days. Obviously I Won’t buy a second bottle. It’s a very bad QPR IMHO.



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    en respuesta a jose

    Re: November wines.

    ";reminds me maternal milk. ";

    Either you have a VERY good memory or there’s something strange going on here !! ;-)

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    en respuesta a RayQ

    Got cousins ;) (v)


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    en respuesta a RayQ

    Silly of me! Not ’cousins’ but nephews I mean...

    Sorry, I always misuse this two words #-( Shame of me!!



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    en respuesta a jose

    Re: Silly of me! Not ’cousins’ but nephews I mean...

    Stop stealing their milk !!

    Thanks for the notes by the way.

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    en respuesta a RayQ

    8-p (v)


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