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    Anima Negra

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    I have a question for the wine proffesionals among you.
    I have a bottle of Anima Negra (1999)

    I got this bottle from a dear friend and he told me that if I did not drink the wine , I could sell it for a very high price.
    Is there anybody among you people who xould tell me what teh bottle is wurth?

    Paco Higón
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    Re: Drink it!

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    There are not big differentials in price between vintages in this area of Majorca…. As Jose told you can not expect to get more than 30€ fot his bottle… because is a ‘normal’ Anima Negra….???? I mean, there is a special cuvee called Son Negre that is quite expensive.

    Cheers and welcome to Verema!!!

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    1999 Black Soul

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    As Paco said, the wine has some value as a collectable if it is the Anima Negra Vinyes de Son Negre, a designation that is not marked clearly on the label but which would be immediately recognizable by its artwork. In 1999 the label was a strange winged red monster created by Miguel Barceló, an internationally known artist from Mallorca, where the wine is from. (Because I very muck like the wine and the artist, I inteded to keep my empty bottle but somehow lost it.)

    The basic cuvee just has the letters ";An"; in red against a black label. If kept well, it is drinking very well now but may not last much longer.

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    Re: 1999 Black Soul

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    If you want to see ,how the bottle looks like, look at E-bay.
    I thought that the bottle of wine was an exclusieve.
    But after reading all your answers I gues I have to take it off the E-bay.
    Thanks for your answer.

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