About guides and Font de la Figuera.

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    About guides and Font de la Figuera.

    Ver mensaje de JoanF

    Hi there!

    Recently I tasted the Priorat Font de la Figuera 2001, and I did not enjoy it as expected (but of course drinkable). You can see my tasting notes in https://www.verema.com/en/tastingnotes/wine.asp?wine=5637

    The point is that I found that the magazine ’Wine Spectator’ is scoring it with 91... However, the Spanish guide ’Guia de Vinos Gourmets’ is scoring it with 6.5/10 (i.e. 83/100) almost the same impression I had.

    I do think both wine guides are quite serious and I wonder why there is such a mismatching between them.

    More interesting to me would be if somebody can share his/her opinions about this wine here.

    Also, it is quite surprising why I agree with the Spanish guide... does anybody from US agree with WS?

    Thanks in advance for your comments.


    en respuesta a Juan Such

    Re: Font de la Figuera (Priorat)

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    Dear Juan,

    In the free online access of WS it is possible to find both comments. Clos Figueres 2001 is rated 94/100, and Font de la Figuera 2001 is rated 91/100...

    I’d like to know other comments about this wine.

    Thank you!


    en respuesta a JoanF

    Re: Font de la Figuera (Priorat)

    Ver mensaje de JoanF

    I had the Clos and --for ";once in my life";-- must agree on a 93-94 rating. About the Font I have no idea ...but I’d be surprised if TM had finally hit a good Spanish wine not previously reviewed positively by RP...

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