June/2016 wines of spanish guy...

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    June/2016 wines of spanish guy...

    Hi all,

    and here we go...

    - Les Trois Argiles 2011. François Pinon. AOC Vouvray (11,3 EUR)
    I kept in my memory a thinnest wine, but I may be wrong. It's a nice wine, anyway.

    - Fino Campo de Guía (4,75 EUR)
    Basic line of fino. Looks like CB by Alvear o Muy Fina by Barbadillo. Correct within its idiom.

    - Uvas Veloces 2015. Oscar Pasanau. Valle del Jarama (5 EUR Crowdfunding)
    Unexpected. I don't know what I was really expecting. Maybe something thicker and fat. Well, it's not that way. It's light, vivid and stone-like. Very good.

    - Señorío de Sarria Viñedo nº5 2015. Bodega de Sarria. DO Navarra. (6,5 EUR
    Correctness. Nothing really good. Nothing really bad. Anybody said paella on the beach? 

    - Chass 2014. Rubor Viticultores. Cebreros (10 EUR)
    In the same manner than some other wines made by them, it really improves resting some time in bottle. More!

    - Cepas de la Culebra 2015. Ed. Especial Crowdfunding. Riofrío de Aliste, Zamora. (6,33 EUR)
    Black pepper, grape stem, lightness and quenching thirst that makes go by a second bottle. More!

    - Colet A Priori Brut 2012. DO Penedés. (8,91 EUR)
    You feel happy when you find the bottle unexpectedly. That's how nice is this wine. More!!!!

    Ey, have you seen the prices? Everything under 12 EUR :-)



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