Protos 1970

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    Protos 1970

    I had a bottle of this previously and it wasn't in good condition.
    This bottle showed much better.
    I served it alongside two Riojas from the same vintage.
    The Ribera stood out a little but was more impressive than previously.
    It started out with a nice nose and fruit on entry but with a slightly sour finish.
    After an hour or so the finish fleshed out and the wine was more rounded and enjoyable.
    With more time there was another change as the wine seemed to darken in colour and took on a lactic quality.
    The palate also became more muddled as the wine lost definition.
    Still a very interesting experience and a pleasure to see a Ribera from a co-operative hold up so well.
    I have fond memories of drinking the Joven of this wine when I first visited Spain (89/90)
    It cost £1 about 180 pesetas

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    And off course, a wine with 45 years always is a risk, in ocassions a good surprise. Regards...

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