May/2014 wines...

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    May/2014 wines...

    - Navazos-Niepoort 2012. Equipo Navazos. DO Jerez y Manzanilla-Sanlúcar de Barrameda
    Just a plain white wine. Nothing else.  Just a right quaff.

    - Robert Vedel Cepas Viejas 2012. Bodegas Herrero Vedel. DO Rueda.
    Fresh, silky and full of meadow. More!

    - Bourgogne Aligoté 2011. Domaine Lafouge. AOC Bourgogne Aligoté (12-13 EUR)
    Fresh, with bitter and herbaceous hints. Quenching thirst wine. More!

    - Blanco Nieva Verdejo Pie Franco 2010. Viñedos de Nieva. DO Rueda (8,6 EUR)
    Needing room for new bottles and I think that this wine, in this vintage, won't evolve much further. It's as nice as usual. Fresh and vividness and showing the real face of verdejo.

    - Raventós i Blanc Gran Reserva de La Finca 2007. DO Cava (15-16 EUR)
    Behind bubbles and freshness, toooooooons of nuts.

    - Conde de los Andes 1959 Gran Reserva. Bodega Federico Paternina. DOC Rioja.
    ... et memento mori.

    PS. And I would like reaching its age looking sooooo god.
    PS 2. ... and tobacco and autumn leaves and white chocolate and grapefruit and a neverending tartness...

    - Pierre Gimonnet Special Club 1999. AOC Champagne. (40 EUR aprox)
    Apples, brioche, velvet. Velvet, brioche, apples. More!!

    - Patio 2010. Vinos Cano Zarco (10,15 EUR)
    Fruit and light (in good sense). Really nice. Nonetheless the second day taste and smell like straw. Odd.




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    Re: May/2014 wines...

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    I envy your experience with the '59 Conde de los Andes
    I have had some from the 60's and 70's
    En Memento mori indeed!

    Perhaps that Navazos Niepoort needs time?

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    Re: May/2014 wines...

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    Hi Ray,
    it's always awesome to drink a so old wine full of life.

    Regarding that white Navazos-Niepoort, well, I dare it's just not my glass of wine. Bottle after bottle 'til it was released looks to me as just a correct white wine.



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