June/2013 wines...

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    June/2013 wines...

    - Patrick Piuze Chablis Terroir de Fyé 2009 (15,5 EUR)
    A bit more fat than I expected, but once the first surprise disappear you realize how good it's with food. More!

    - Colet Assemblage Extra Brut. DO Penedès
    I know I said it time ago, but I do say it again: Best Assemblage ever! More!!!

    - Musikanto 2012. Viñedos Culturales - Bernabé Navarro. DO Alicante (9-12 EUR)
    Quite good! It looks and tastes light. Full of anis-seeds, camomile and every mediterranean herb you may know. More !!!

    - Tragolargo 2012. Viñedos Culturales - Bernabé Navarro. DO Alicante (5,5 - 7,5 EUR)
    Good and easy quaff. It comes quietly to your table and you see how the bottle goes empty in the same manner.

    - Atino 2012. Bodegas Herrero Vedel. DO Rueda (5-6 EUR)
    Easy quaff for a good sample of verdejo. It’s even better next day, as far as it shows the character of verdejo more and better.

    - Gran Cerdo 2012. The Wine Love. Vino de Mesa (3,44 EUR)
    Quite easy quaff, but more than enough bearing in mind its price range.

    - La Viña de Simón. Viñedos Culturales. Parque Natural La Mata - Torrevieja (9,85 EUR)
    Are these vines side-by-side with Gravonia? Well, I uncorked the bottle, but in case I were in a blind tasting I’d have bet on Gravonia… hmmm… excepting this one has no trace of oxidative hints and tannins, but all the fuss is in it and with a great acidity backbone (note: If you don’t like wines with a high acidity, run away!). Next day the wine goes thinner but it still cuts like a knife. More!

    - Gran Feudo Rosado 2012. Bodega Julián Chivite. DO Navarra (3,39 EUR)
    It goes on the good path where it came back a couple of years ago. Fresh, direct, easy quaff with and excellent QPR.

    - Barbazul Rosado 2012. Bodega Huerta de Albalá. DO Vino de la Tierra de Cádiz. (7,1 EUR)
    Join to the team of dark rosés. Nice and silky quaff, but I miss a touch of meaningful among its correctness.

    - Artazuri 2011. Bodegas Artazu. DO Navarra (5,51 EUR)
    In a very kind moment, therefore it’s good, but I miss a touch of character on it.



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