January/2013 wines...

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    January/2013 wines...

    - Jean-Paul Brun Moulin a Vent 2009. AOC Moulin a Vent (15.4 EUR)
    I've always have as a resolution to store this kind of wines for some time to see how they age. I don't know what's in my mind as far as I'm not able of fulfill this resolution; these wines are sooo gooood... More!!

    - Ramblis Dulce 2010. Viñedos Culturales. DO Alicante (9,85 EUR)
    A very good refuge for those kind of sweet Christmas nibblets. Fresh and sweet without any trace of cloying. It slightly reminds me the Mistela Piñol. Very nice.

    - Beryna Crianza 2000. Bodegas Bernabé Navarro. DO Alicante.
    Great. Meaty, spicy and touch of violets. Light and watery sip that every other time turns into round-shaped and soft.

    - Herrero 3.0 (tierra). Bodegas Herrero Vedel, S.L. DO Rueda
    With those herbaceous hints that every verdejo should have and additionally some touches of white flowers. Everything wrapping a a backbone of long (long, long…) nice acidity. More!

    - Per Fummum 2000. Bodega Bernabé Navarro. DO Alicante
    Slightly exhausted, despite it still shows some fruit hints and violets

    - Mas de Daumas Gassac 2009. Vin de Pays de L'Herault (30.3 EUR)
    Hmm… well… ok, it’s nice, but I don’t feel comfortable with the price. I do prefer it’s little brothers. I do enjoy them and with better price

    - PX Niños VORS. Bodega Valdespino. DO Jerez y Manzanilla-Sanlucar de Barrameda
    Great, great, great, absolutely great and nothing else but great!

    - A Posteriori. Bodega Josep Colet y Orga. DO Penedes
    Improving every vintage and improving with time in the bottle. More!

    - Colet-Navazos Extra Brut Reserva 2007. Equipo Navazos.
    Maybe bubbly in excess, but once it goes calm we have a nice sparkling wine. It’s a nice wine, but a miss an extra nudge from it.

    - Titulciano 2010. Vinos Ambiz. (6 EUR)
    Straight, easy and honest quaff. Enough grip that makes it interesting and not just another round-shaped red wine.




    Re: January/2013 wines...

    Hi Jose!

    So you are still "holding the fort" eh? ... I think you need a prize! ... unfortunately I seem to be growing busier and busier as I grow older and older ;)), and for people with little time, the "sequential" way of accessing a forum is pretty inconvenient ... but I see that this forum is quieter, so I'll probably be able to keep track of it, even if I have little time.

    Your January wines sound good, and there are several that I do not know ...

    Right now I am drinking the Equipo Navazos 40 Bota Punta "La bota de Manzanilla Pasada" ... I just love the wonderful generoso wines ... the "Equipo Navazos" discovered them for me, and I switched from not really liking them at all (and thinking that they were cheating by adding alcohol, and mixing up the different years and such) to being completely in love with them and thinking that their elaboration process is a gem! ... they are certainly the jewels of Spanish wines for sure, but I would say they must be among the best wines in the world (which I can not really testify to, since the other great wines are entirely out of my reach!

    Night-nitgh ... it was fun! ... maybe I'll come back ;)) - MaJesus

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    Re: January/2013 wines...

    Ver mensaje de MaJesus

    Hi MaJesus!! :-)
    glad to read you again!!!! I'm very sorry for the late answer. I dare that as I'm getting older less time for the important things (like wine ;) ) Wines from Jerez and Montilla are absoltely great. Well, we all know that as in any other zones you can find a very big amount of plonks, but there are wines really awesome. I don't have tasted La Bota 40, yet despite I've a bottle. Nonetheless I suggest you one of the wines that I've enjoyed the most in the last few months was Amontillado Botaina... it rocks!



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    Re: January/2013 wines...

    Ver mensaje de MaJesus

    Yes the 'quiet side' has become even quieter and I'm sorry for my part in that.
    I don't log on as frequently as I used to. The problem is that as fewer of us visit there are fewer posts and then fewer reasons to visit. A vicious circle.

    Thanks for the Amontillado tip José.
    I highly recommend La Bota de 31, one of the greatest Amontillado wines I've ever tried.
    Not cheap but lovely.

    Keep flying the flag José!

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