November/2012 wines...

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    November/2012 wines...

    - Produttori del Barbaresco 2006. (23.37 EUR)
    Bottled autumn. Black olives, smoked, thym and rosemary. Walking by a wet forest, rough log and in the mood of fireplace. More.

    - Amontillado El Maestro Sierra 12 años. Bodega El Maestro Sierra. DO Jerez y Manzanilla-Sanlúcar de Barrameda (14.8 EUR)
    Balsamic, very, very dry; oxidative feeling (not oxidized). Very nice.

    - Aldonia 2005. Bodegas Aldonia. DOC Rioja
    I don't feel that this wine is going so much further. Easy and nice, almost room-wine.

    - La Dama 2005. Bodegas Aldonia. DOC Rioja.
    Feeling how velvety it shows, how can I say it doesn't have a touch of elegance? Well, I don't say it's complexity, but it has a moment to be kindly looked.

    - Alvarinho Dorado 2001. Quinta do Dorado - Quinta do Feital Sociedade Agricola e Turismo Lda. DOC Vinho Verde Sub-Regiao Monçao (21.5 EUR)
    It doesn't show its face, but stretchs. Paused, managing the time. Calm, volume, oily, caressing. Balanced. Long. More!

    - Dominique Piron Morgon Côte du Py 2009 (15 EUR)
    It reminds me why I do enjoy drinking Beaujolais. It reminds me darker Beajolais, like those dark Chenas Quartz by Piron as well. And it also reminds that shiny Beaujolais by Lapierre or Brun. Beajolais is these kind of wines, the darker, the clear and those among them. More!

    - Ventus 2008. Venta d'Aubert. VT Bajo Aragón
    Better than expected. I’ve to admit the it’s chocolate hints a scale higher I use to appreciate, but it’s an easy quaff with some touches of a Mediterranean bouquet-a-garni overthere that makes a very nice sip. I would do drink again.

    - Botaina Amontillado. Emilio Lustau. DO Jerez y Manzanilla Sanlúcar de Barrameda (13,33 EUR)
    G-r-e-a-t ! ! ! ! Full of strength and kindness. It's absolutely great how its aroma, flavour and be paired with anything you want. More!!!

    - Leirana 2010. Forja de Salnés. DO Rias Baixas (11.15 EUR)
    These wines don’t use to be eyecatching for me and this one is another example. Well, it’s nice and I enjoy it and much better, by far, that the inmense lake of albariño you can find on shelves, but it doesn’t really catch my eye. I’d do drink again for sure, but it’s not in my ‘must’ list.

    - Cuatro Pasos 2010. Bodegas Martín Codax. DO Bierzo (6,46 EUR)
    Despite it’s made by a big firm I find it’s a very good example of mencia. Much better than many others with bigger price and marketing. More easy, more direct: More mencía.

    - Heredad Torresano Roble 2008. Bodegas Jesús Diaz, S.L.. DO Madrid (6-7 EUR)
    The oak begins a bit high, but it’s easy to get on with it after some hours. It’s an easy and kind quaff.



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