Tasted in a blind tasting on-line. As uncork the botlle raise a fresh red

Tasted in a blind tasting on-line.
As uncork the botlle raise a fresh red fruits and black olives scent. Dark garnet hue with purple rim. I don’t follow the "instructions" and a taste as-is... wow... it’s soooo hard for my teeth! A leave it breathing (bottle without a stem) for a night and I decant it the next day for an hour and a half. Now appears red fruit, white chocolate, dust, tea and black olives dressing. It’s rounded tannins, now it’s a kind and nice wine. You don’t notice the alcohol excepting at the third stem, but it’s a good balance. Some wines with this alcohol percentage are absolut loosers when they’re paired with food. Not this one. It’s been paired with rabbit beer stew and some artichockes sautée and it’s nice.
I don’t know what in the hell it’s tipicity in La Mancha, so this wine can come from La Mancha, or from Jumilla, or from any other place. Anyway, it’s a nice quaff. It’s not still on winestores, but it’s said that the price will be around 6 EUR, and that’s a nice QPR.

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