Mira 2000 from Bodegas Sierra Salinas, the project of winemaker is Alain

Mira 2000 from Bodegas Sierra Salinas, the project of winemaker is Alain Bramaz of Zurich, caught my attention because one simply does not expect to see a wine from D.O. Yecla that is priced north of $30 (over $40 in some stores). This is a Monastrell, Garnacha, Cabernet Sauvignon blend, and the label indicates that the wine was aged for 20 months in French oak. The wine has an positively explosive nose of fresh plum, vanilla and spice. However, in the mouth the wine is quite disjointed with a big fruit-forward attack but a finish of scorching wood tannins. The hard finish only seems to be accentuated with more time in the air. Only after I tasted this did I learn that Parker had awarded this wine 93 points, although he warned that this "full-throttle Spanish red may not be finesse-styled." This seems to me generous in the extreme. At the moment, I perhaps might be able to drink this wine with a pepperoni pizza, but that is about all. If you are very imaginative, you man be able to envision a scenario where this wine comes into some type of balance in about 7 years, but I think that is overly optimistic.

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