Champagne Gremillet BRUT -Blanc de Noirs- (Champagne AOC)

Champagne Gremillet BRUT -Blanc de Noirs- (Champagne AOC)

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País: Francia
Tipo de vino: Espumoso
Crianza: Con crianza
Graduación (vol): 12,50%
Varietales: Pinot Noir
Precio aproximado: De 20 a 29,9 €

Elaboración: Blending of four to five vintages, 20% of reserve wine This Champagne is composed of only the cuvée (first press). Alcoholic fermentation at 16°C and malolactic fermentation at 18°C in stainless steel temperature controlled vats. Aging of 30 months minimum. BRUT DOSAGE at 9 gr/l with a «liqueur d’expédition» coming from finished bottle of champagne.

Varietales: Pinot Noir

1 Opiniones de Champagne Gremillet BRUT -Blanc de Noirs- (Champagne AOC)


Yellow-green, clear and low intensity, medium bubbles, not too many.


Clean, medium intensity, some black grapes. Medium autolysis. Bread baked recently. It seems a young wine like a Blanc de blancs.


The wine present medium+ acidity, off-dry, medium tannins a bit astringency and medium alcohol.

Medium body, medium intensity, vegetal, rede fruit (cherry), tangerine, lime, lemon ice and grapefruit. A bit green flavours.

Medium+ finish, agreable and crispy texture and acididty and citric flavours.


Assessment of quality: Very good quality, I thinlk the price is a bit fatty than other Champagnes. It is not totally balanced but in process, good intensity and green-fruity flavours. Long finish with some of complexity. The bubbles are some moussy, creamy , but crispy high. It has potential for ageing yet, because it is brave, young, good acidity and fruity flavours wine. Yeasts are in a medium, medium- act. No errors inside the product.


Oyster and caviar

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