August/2012 wines...

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    August/2012 wines...

    - Milflores Rosado 2011. Bodegas Palacio. DOC Rioja (4-5 EUR)
    A sort of disappointment. Too fat and flabby.

    - Patrick Piuze Petit Chablis 2009. AOC Chablis (10-12 EUR)
    It's needed time to show something and, despite it looks slightly weary, it's yet an excellent wine for food.

    - Colet Grand Cuvée Extra Brut. Bodega Josep Colet y Orga. DO Penedes
    As its brother Assemblage, maybe, the best vintage drank 'til now. More!!

    - Benoit Blet Ancestral Terres Blanches Rouge 2009. Vin Mousseaux de Qualité (11,32 EUR)
    How nice! It's not a rosé, medium-hue and all the usual etceteras, no. This sparkling wine is a red wine, and absolutely red. Looks red, smell red and taste red, but with bubbles. Additionally it tastes to CF. It's rustic, reduction, meaty and earthy. Have you said pasta? Yes! it looks really nice with every pasta dish you can have in mind, excepting those with seafood among their ingredients I guess.

    - Blanco Nieva Pie Franco 2008. Viñedos de Nieva. DO Rueda (8,50 EUR)
    Great at this moment! Full of freshness, meadow and the acidity that looks to me more in a fruit shape (citric? yellow plum?) that stone-like. More!!!

    - Gravonia Crza. 1994. López de Heredia. DOC Rioja (7,73 EUR)
    Search, find and wait, wait, wait... 'til appears the whole chapel that hides inside with an eternal length and charming silky sip.

    - Patrick Piuze Chablis Terroir de Chablis 2010 (18 EUR)
    Acidity addiction. If you don't like it, don't try it. It's a touch of round-shaped moment and even an unexpected bay-leaf hint, but the acidity... ¡a rocket! Each sip guides you! It's one of those wines that makes you hungry with every sip.

    - Les Jardins de Bouscassé 2008. AOC Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh (10.84 EUR)
    It's got a touch of everything. Freshness, vivacity, grass, acidity, bitter hints... You can drink a bunch of bottles without any kind of guiltily. More!!!!



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