May/12 wines...

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    May/12 wines...

    - Viña Albina Reserva 2001. Bodegas Riojanas. DOC Rioja (6,98 EUR)
    When enough is enough. Now without trace of flesh and only raw wood, it's used for cooking.

    - Benoit Blet Ancestral Terres Blanches Blanc Brut 2009. Vin Mousseaux de Qualité (11,32 EUR)
    Comfortable. It's in that price range where you can find more frogs than princesses. It's a nice quaff from first to last sip. Another bottle? Yes, please.

    - Thomas Labaille L'Authentique 2010. AOC Sancerre (14,39 EUR)
    What a good quaff! Long, salty, intense, vibrant. You'd drink a case for lunch and again for dinner.

    - Blanco Nieva Verdejo Pie Franco 2008. Viñedos de Nieva. DO Rueda (8,50 EUR)
    Great wine! Slightly behind the preceding vintage (2007 it's soooo gooood!), but it a great wine full of vividness, flowers, fruit, meadows... More!!!

    - Ovni 2011. Equipo Navazos. DO Montilla-Moriles (8.9 EUR)
    Hints of black-powder (that little thing called in spanish 'pistones' used by children, you know), iced lemon cream beside the sea, savory with an acidity that makes it a long sip. Touch of far white flowers carried by the sea breeze a moment before the siesta time.

    P.S. This bottle was delivered at 0 cost by the dealer. Next bottle has been paid by myself.

    - Aldonia 2004. Bodegas Aldonia. DOC Rioja.
    At first I felt scared. First sips shows a wine where every component is on its own, out of tune. I'd to wait to the
    second day to find a tuned wine. It's in its moment of correctness, round and kind with no face or sharping hint.

    - Pont de Gassac Blanc 2009. Mas de Daumas Gassac. Vin de Pays de L'Herault (9-10 EUR)
    By the case. I become really comfortable with this wine. Quite good sip, acidity, hints of honey and all the mediterranean herbs you can find while walking. More!

    - Hypomonê 2009. Bodega Josep Colet y Orga. DO Penedes (12-15 EUR)
    It mainly smells to benzin, maybe tires. It's not disappointing, but it's a bit unexpected. Behind this main smell appear apple hints. It's fine, but slightly overpriced.
    PS: 0.5 l. bottle

    - Jean Paul Brun Fleurie Grille Midi 2009. AOC Fleurie (18.42 EUR)
    Delicious. Absolutely delicious. No other words to describe it.

    - La Bota de Amontillado 23 Bota "No". Equipo Navazos. Do Jerez y Manzanilla-Sanlúcar de Barrameda
    Rock you like a hurricane
    You wake up and a sort of nuclear apocalypsis happened while you're sleeping. Well, how disappointing event. Now you have to re-create a world from scratch. Priorization: Reinvention of really important things. 1) The pillow 2) This wine.



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