April/12 wines...

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    April/12 wines...

    - Sameirás 2010. Adega Sameirás. DO Ribeiro (11 EUR)
    It's just fine. One of those wines you cannot say no when someone offers you a glass, but you don't feel anxious for a second bottle.

    - Gran Coronas Reserva 2004. Bodegas Torres, S.A. DO Penedés. (10,54 EUR)
    Good, but... It's nice, specially when paired with food. It's a pitty how it fell down during the next two days.

    - Domaine des Terres Blanches - Blet Tendre 2010. Céline & Benoit Blet - Terres Blanches. VDQS Thouarsais (9.44 EUR)
    I do always feel good with this kind of wines, with this kind of chenin.

    - Les Pensées de Pallus 2009. Domaine de Pallus. AOC Chinon. (13.5 EUR)
    Wild strawberries. Juicy glass of rippen strawberries with the rough character of the cabernet franc in the background. More!

    - Carlos Serres 1958. Bodega Carlos Serres. DOC Rioja
    Fear and hopes. When I uncork an old bottle I walk among fear and hopes. Fear, 'cos I dare that it's badly evolved and maybe the bottle is not enjoyable. Although I also hope it's a good bottle ready to be enjoyed. This time, this bottle, hopes wins.
    Once it's uncorked appear the expected smells. Despite they're expected I don't feel less happier of finding them!Leather, dried flowers, cigar box... Moment to sip (drink!), and then you think... Sigh, now it shows how old it is. You find a sort of emptiness and leave the glass somewhere over the counter, while cooking. But... hey... just a second...
    You realize how many minutes without sipping again and it's flavor and texture still remains in your mouth! A sort of silky texture wrapping a mouthwatering acidity, licquorized cherris, coffee grains and all those smells you felt moments before. More!!!!

    - Jean-Paul Brun Morgon 2009. AOC Morgon (13.51 EUR)
    I do really love gamay. This Morgon shows more roughness and rudeness than other gamay from Brun. Anyway, have I not said yet that I love gamay?

    - Capellanía 2006. Marqués de Murrieta. DOC Rioja (17.5 EUR)
    Enjoyable right now, from scratch, but it really improves during next two days it last. It’s so enjoyable at this moment that I wonder how it’ll evolve.

    - Luberri Maceración Carbónica 2011. FamiliaF Monje Amestoy. DOC Rioja (5 EUR aprox)
    Dark MC. There're dark an light MCs. This one is dark. Nice. Ok. Just it.

    - Luna Beberide Mencía "Finca La Cuesta" 2009. DO Bierzo (7.5 EUR)
    Correctness. Anybody in the audience doesn't like it? Anybody will remember it the day after tomorrow?

    - Marqués de Alella Pansa Blanca 2010. DO Alella (6.2 EUR)
    Goooood. A very good QPR every vintage. Always really nice. More!

    - Luciano Sandrone Barbera d'Alba 2007. (13.9 EUR from 22 EUR)
    Very good. Really nice balance among the silky sip and the tough character I hope from this kind of wine. I would buy a second bottle for the price I paid, nonetheless I would think twice in case of the original price.

    - Manzanilla San Leon Reserva de la Familia. Bodegas Argüeso. DO Jerez y Manzanilla-Sanlúcar de Barrameda (12.10 EUR)
    Loooong. With that edges that I enjoy. Salty character wrapping tobacco and, overall, quite long.

    - Colet-Navazos Extra Brut Reserva 2007. Colet Cavas. DO Penedés.
    At this moment bubbles are so rough that I cannot enjoy the wine. Yep, you can notice something under its bubbly skin, a sort of creaminess, but it’s sooooo rough right now….

    - Aldonia 2005. Bodegas Aldonia. DOC Rioja
    Zero complications. It’s quite round shaped now. No complications quaff that shows as a good partner for food without asking for any kind of attention.



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