Mauro 2001

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    Mauro 2001

    I have just returned from a weekend in Spain.
    The first wine I tried from my cellar was Mauro 2001.
    This wine is drinking just beautifully right now.
    Lovely secondary characteristics. The oak has integrated the tannins are smooth.
    Even those of you who do not like 'modern' wines would like this I'm sure.
    Lovely wine and the best since the sublime 94 in my opinion.

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    This is almost like a newspaper headline that reads: "Sun Rises in the East." Mariano Garcia has been making wine for over 40 years and I am not aware of any of his wines where the oak has not intergrated in due time.

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    Re: MAURO 2001

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    Well Walt you seem to have interesting newspapers in your neck of the woods.
    Over here the sun also rises in the East each and every day. However wines take time to come together and I was (I had hoped in a helpful manner) pointing out that to my palate the wine was drinking very well now.
    I know that (unlike you) there are some on Spain who feel some of Mariano's wines are over oaked. And while I don't agree I respect their opinions.

    It's evening here and the sun is setting in the west. I'm about to open a bottle of wine but without the certainty of its evolution.

    best wishes

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