League table of Wines

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    League table of Wines

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    A question for Paco/Verema team

    Over on the busy side is there ever a poll on the top wines of the year ?
    It would be interesting to know what forumites rate as the ";Best";
    rather than the critics or just sales figures.
    Are polls like this ever conducted and if so what are the results ?

    Or is there a way of compiling the TN’s to show which wines are best loved ?


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    Agree on this...

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    In addition to this, I think it’d be useful to have a frame into the ’TNs section’ where at a glance we see, for instance, the most rated, the most tasted, number of white/red/rosé/fortified wines tasted, countries/DOs-AOCs-whatever... Sort a wish list, I know, but it doesn’t look as an extremely hard programming task... ;)



    Paco Higón
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    Verema contest

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    A few months ago we did a ‘contest’ https://www.verema.com/comunidad/foro/mensaje.asp?mensaje=143396 to choose the favourite wines from forumites (not just looking at the scores in the “Tasting notes” section but asking to forumites….) The results were:

    Red wines: Santa Rosa 2002

    White wines: Blanco Nieva Pie Franco 2005, Viña Tondonia blanco reserva and As Sortes.

    Rosé wines: Pago del Vicario Petit Verdot 2005 and Viña Tondonia rosado 1995.

    Sweet and fortified wines: Chivite Colección 125 V.T. and Palo Cortado Obispo Gastón.

    Finally, sparkling wines: L´Origan, and with the same number of votes Gramona Brut Imperial Gran Reserva and Elisabeth de Raventós i Blanc.

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