Off-topic: Let me have a coffe.

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    Re: Nesspresso? Hmmm...

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    Starbucks are a success because , I think, coffee in the USA is very average (yes there are wonderful exceptions) and it offers a consistency so you know what you are getting but I don’t really like it.

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    Some years ago Starbucks appeared in Spain...

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    They use to be always full... of foreign tourists that can’t live without their frapuccinos and/or cinnamon-ice-cream-a-sort-of-milk-shake-oh-my-God!-is-it-coffee? 8)))
    I’ve tasted some of their products and well... it’s fun once or twice by year, like McDonalds and/or Burger King ;) but very far from being something coffe related IMNSHO.

    Regards (sipping my 2nd coffee in a sunny Sunday morning)


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