Verema awards for the most participative users

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    Verema awards for the most participative users

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    In the coming III Verema Encounter of forumites and wine tasting groups to be held in the López de Heredia winery (Haro) on September 4 the editorial team has decided to give the following five awards this year:

    - Most active Forumite (Spanish forum): Jose

    - User with more TNs in Spanish: JoanF

    - User with more comments of restaurants (’Mesas y Vino’ section): Karlito

    - Tasting group of the year: Peña Ciudad Real (includes Choche, MariAngeles and Gastronauta)

    - Most active user in the English side (Forum + Tasting Notes): N_Neocleus

    Congratulations to the winners and many thanks to all the users that contribute with their comments to keep alive this online community!

    More information about the Encounter (in Spanish):

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    Congratulations to everyone!

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    I am sorry I will not be able to make it to Haro. I hear they make very good and traditional Rioja wine there. ;>)

    One of these days I am going to have to come to Spain. Maybe Manuel will let me ride with him in the future.

    Best wishes,

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    I day

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    I could never forget Manuel in my plans. He is a top guy!

    I hope to make my way to Spain and Rioja one day. When I do, I will be looking forward to a few Verema offlines with fine Spanish wines. I’ll bring the Port and Rhone’s. ;>)

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    Drop you in Catalonia....

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    ... close to Barcelona if possible... perhaps you’d be interested in Priorat, but I promise Penedès is better :^P...

    I’m joking, if you like the trecking in the mountains and a terrific view (and wines!), Priorat is where you have to go. In Penedès you have Montserrat, the holy Catalan mountain (worth to visit anyway I tell you). And of course great wines...

    However, it will be easy for me meet you in Barcelona...

    On the other hand (this is not sure), may be I have to go to Cardiff soon... I’ll let you know if the occasion arises.



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