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Durkheimer Fromhor Scheurebe Kurt Darting used to be the winemaker at Muller-Catoir until he began to Tasting notes 11/09/04
Chateauneuf du Pape rouge Decanted into a ship’s decanter two hours before dinner, though I did Tasting notes 11/09/04
Chateauneuf du Pape rouge This is probably my favourite vintage of Beaucastel for present drinking Tasting notes 11/09/04
Chapoutier– Hermitage – Velours This white wine was a curiosity and supposedly had some sweetness in it. Tasting notes 10/09/04
Kanzem a. d. Saar - Kanzemer Berg TBA An attractive label on this rare wine that was in a 700ml bottle. Nicely Tasting notes 10/09/04
Georgia’s Paddock – Heathcote – Shiraz This wine proved to be a lovely foil to the Aberfeldy shiraz. Dark cherry Tasting notes 10/09/04
The Aberfeldy Shiraz This wine is made from premium lots of older vine shiraz. Straight out of Tasting notes 10/09/04
Domaine Chapoutier Côte-Rôtie " La Mordorée " 1994 Double decanted prior to the dinner. Dark cherry red, with wild herbs Tasting notes 10/09/04
Hermitage – La Chapelle Dark brick red, currently showing a medicinal and mint nuance on the nose Tasting notes 10/09/04
Hermitage – La Chapelle Poured straight from the bottle. Dark strawberry, with pine tree and green Tasting notes 10/09/04
La Mission Haut Brion Double decanted earlier for sediment. Dark strawberry, with sweet fruits Tasting notes 10/09/04
Mersault Poruzots A pale gold, with a cooked mushroom (not TCA) and gunflint nose. I tasted Tasting notes 10/09/04
Domaine de Chevalier blanc 2001 Pale lemon, with an attractive nose of minerals and subtle oak in balance Tasting notes 10/09/04
Driver River – Chardonnay Bright gold, with soft butter and some ripe tropical fruit on the nose. A Tasting notes 10/09/04
Dom Perignon Clear gold, with a hint of soft brie and white truffle on the nose. A Tasting notes 10/09/04
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