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    Articles in English

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    The next week this English side of will start publishing articles in English in a new section.

    If any of you, dear readers and forumites, have written an article about wine or wine tastings and wish to publish it free in Verema please send the article (plus at least two pictures) to Alvaro Cerrada (mail:

    Thanks for your collaboration!

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    Re: In Nicos we trust!

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    I have had an amazing few days. I flew to Oporto on sunday and watched the match on a huge tv in Oporto Square, surrounded by 80,000 Portuguese fans! I celebrated afterwards with plenty of beer! My trip lasted 4 days and included time spent in Oporto and the Douro Valley.

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    Re: Douro Valley

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    I tried a lot of wine and Ports, visiting several Quintas. They ranged from nice wines to the finest Ports on this planet. I will be writing up my notes, with photos, in due course. My only problem with positng them here is:
    a) The length of my article (it will be thousands of words);
    b) Photos, although I might have to provide links (is this ok?).


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    I see you are giving us a lot of tasting notes.

    Many thanks!

    You are quite a ’Schumacher’:

    Even beating PacoHigon the gold liver :^D in wines tasted on the English side. I do what I can on the English side but I’m not used to wine taste in english. I try to learn from your notes.

    On the Spanish side PacoHigon is on the top, top, top...



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