Spanish kosher wines

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    Juan Such

    Spanish kosher wines

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    Seeing the Google ad about kosher wines (quite frequent in this forum) I am asking myself how many kosher wines are produced in Spain.

    I only know ’Flor de Primavera’ Kosher from Celler de Capçanes (DO Montsant). And now there is a new wine produced for an importer by Josep Lluis Pérez (Mas Martinet) and Toni Sarrión (Mustiguillo) made in Utiel-Requena.

    Do you know more?

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    Re: Spanish kosher wines

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    Do you think that kosher wines have any future?
    The owner of the winery cannot be the wine maker, because the person who makes the wine cannot directly collect the money which is generated through the sale of the wine, by the kosher law.
    So, what happens with the new wave of small producers who are owners and wine makers at the same time? They cannot make kosher wines...

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