Verema Wine Club selection, April 2004

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    Álvaro Cerrada

    Verema Wine Club selection, April 2004

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    Just to announce that it’s already published the information of the new selection of the Verema Wine Club:

    The selection is composed of the following 12 wines:

    - 4 bottles of ";Bembibre 2002"; (D.O Bierzo)
    - 4 bottles of ";Care fermentado en barrica. Finca Bancales 2001";(D.O. Cariñena)
    - 4 bottles of ";Vegalfaro Chardonnay Madurado en Roble 2003";(D.O. Utiel-Requena)

    In this selection we have included a new wine from Dominio de Tares, the Verema Cellar of the Year 2003, chosen for the registered users of

    We have also selected two other wines very well valued in some recent blind tastings of the Verema’s editorial team.

    You can see all the information about these wines at:

    We hope that this new selection will be of your interest.

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    Re: Verema Wine Club selection, April 2004

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    I finaly got to try the full line of Dominio de Tares and can understand better why Verema named them Cellar of the Year 2003. I think I may have like the 2001 Cepas Viejas better than the Bembibre 2002, but be that as it may. The 2001 ";P.3"; label is most impressive, of course. I don’t like traveling internationally with wine, but this was the one bottle I chose to carry back with me to the US after my recent visit to Barcelona.

    Juan Such
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    Wines from Dominio de Tares

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    Walt, the Cepas Viejas probably has better Quality-Price Ratio than the Bembibre but I think Bembibre is a better wine and 2002, according to Amancio (the winemaker) was a better vintage for them than 2001. Anyway, it could be interesting to taste them blind side by side to compare properly.

    Nice that the ";P3"; was THE bottle you chose to carry back to the US. Very good selection.

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    Re: Wines from Dominio de Tares

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    Well, as I mentioned before, I’m planning a blind horizontal tasting of 2001 Bierzo wines. I have assemble Paixar, Palacios’ four single-vineyard wines plus his two other labels from Bierzo. I was saving one spot for a Dominio de Tares wine and was lucky enough to get a bottle of P.3.

    I need to double check my notes but my recollection is that, although the bodega was plainly trying to do more with the Bembibre, that wine did not possess the balance of the cheaper Cepas Viejas (or the more expensive P.3).

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