October/2016 wines...

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    October/2016 wines...

    Hi all,

    here we go...

    - Palacio de Canedo Maceración Carbónica Ecológico 2015. Prada a Tope. DO Bierzo (8-9 EUR)
    From my point of view there’re two main streams in carbonic maceration wines. Those with young wines character and those with a vivid and, sometimes, a touch of fizz character. This one looks as a young wine. A nice young wine indeed. You can empty the bottle while chatting with friends and having some nibbles. On the other hand the price looks fine when your wage arrives. Maybe at the end of the month doesn’t look so good.

    - Manzanilla Aurora. Bodegas Francisco Yuste. DO Jerez y Manzanilla - Sanlúcar de Barrameda (6,5 EUR)
    Less lightness and vividness tan the usual manzanillas I use to drink. I feel it… fatter? Anyway, easy and nice quaff.

    - Les Lizières 2014. Clotilde et René-Noël Legrand. AOC Saumur-Champigny (10-12 EUR)
    It’s far of the usual red wines and common widespread taste. Fruit is behing a thick layer of greenish character. It heads to double think what kind of dish would you pair with this wine. Well, I do really like the wine, but just bear in mind that most probably it’s not the cup of wine for everybody.

    - Emmrich Schönleber Mineral Trocken 2010. Nahe (20,29 EUR)
    Riesling, you're so... you. Wide and light. Acidity and... the opposite? Short (the bottle) and long (the taste). More!!

    - Manzanilla Barbiana. DO Manzanilla-Sanlúcar de Barrameda. Bodegas Delgado Zuleta (6,5 EUR)
    Nice, light, fine, happy, "sea-like". One of those manzanillas you drink without paying attention to the bottle. More!

    - Patrick Piuze Chablis 1er Cru Les Forêts 2009 (29.95 EUR)
    Back at home. A sip. A smile. More!

    - Les Sorcières du Clos des Fées 2011. AOC Côtes du Roussillon
    Leaves rustling, cold wind and drinking the autumn. More!

    - Palacio de Canedo Roble Ecológico 2013. Prada a Tope. DO Bierzo (< 10 EUR)
    Nice mencía. The oak appears a bit loud, but nothing quite disturbing at all.



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