September/2016 wines...

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    September/2016 wines...

    Hi all,

    here we go buuuut... well... hmmm I dare that during this month I've been enoughly hectic to drink at home...

    - La Bota 53 de Florpower MMX "Más Allá". Equipo Navazos
    Don’t feel comfortable with last bottles opened of Florpower. They evolve too fast. This one was with a dark hue, despite it’s nice. No great, but correct. :-?

    - Navazos-Niepoort 2014. Equipo Navazos.
    Nice quaff. Direct and pristine quenching thirst wine.

    - Carles Andreu Trepat 2014. DO Conca de Barberá  (11,59 EUR)
    Mouthwatering, light, spicy, full of life. Never tired of wines like this.

    Kind regards,


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