May/2015 wines...

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    May/2015 wines...

    Hi all,
    here we go...

    - Musikanto 2013. Viñedos Culturales. Bernabé Navarro. DO Alicante (10,5 EUR)
    I would drink bottles and bottles of this stuff.  Fresh water full of.. strawberries? cherries?  Raspberries? More!!!!
    - Muga Rosado 2014. Bodegas Muga. DOC Rioja. (6,5 EUR)
    Looks as a good vintage for this wine. Light, good acidity and looooong. More!
    - Tondonia Rosado Gran Reserva 2000. López de Heredia. DOC Rioja (12 EUR)
    What can I say? It's 15 years old and looks as if it were made last year. It's a terrific wine. No more than the bottle truth.
    - Domaine A. et P. de Villaine "La Digoine" 2010. Côte Chalonnaise. AOC Bourgogne (22.5 EUR)
    Fresh, agile, light and elegant. This wines evolves beautifully with a bit of ageing. More!!
    - Muga Rosado 2013. Bodegas Muga. DOC Rioja (5,63 EUR)
    It’s a really good vintage for this wine finally. I had to make room for the new one, otherwise I’d say more!!!
    - Milflores 2014. Bodegas Palacios. DOC Rioja (4-5 EUR)
    This vintage comes as a young wine. You know, some vintages it looks light (MC) and some others a bit fat. This one looks in the mid, but always nice.
    - Benimaquia Tinajas 2013. Viñedos Culturales - Bernabé Navarro. DO Alicante (10.5 EUR)
    I’m not able of saying the amount of flowers and herbs that comes from the glass. This wine is necessary to realize how much I do enjoy a dry moscatel. More!!!!!!



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