April/2015 wines...

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    April/2015 wines...

    Hi all,
    here we go...

    - Alain Graillot Crozes-Hermitage 2009 (16.9 EUR)
    Light and easy. Good pair for food with Mediterranean herbs hints. Nonetheless, next day, it was a boring speech of dry straw.
    - Bernard Baudry Les Clos Guillot 2009 (22.8 EUR)
    Less rustic and rough I was expecting. Round-shaped, kind and nice.
    - Blanco Nieva Verdejo Pie Franco 2011. Viñedos de Nieva. DO Rueda (9.55 EUR)
    Immaculate. Despite I miss a nudge of acidity in this bottle it’s a nice and immaculate verdejo. My last bottle. Change of epoch.
    - Tinajas de La Mata 2013. Viñedos Culturales. Bernabé Navarro. DO Alicante (10.5 EUR)
    Golden hue for a wine that shows a nice texture. Restrained aromas and taste, it’s the texture the main line for this wine.
    - Jean-Paul Brun "In Extremis" 2007. Vin de Table (22.2 EUR)
    Opened for about 4 months. A touch of gun-powder, gas or benzin? Rippen apricots with good acidity to a void the, always possible, cloying.
    - Auratus 2011. Quinta do Feital. Vinho Regional Minho (8,5 EUR)
    Delicious. Tight, hard, acidity, herbs, bay-leaf, long. More!
    - La Amistad 2013. Viñedos Culturales. Bernabé Navarro. DO Alicante (10,5 EUR)
    It looks different in comparison with preceding vintages. Light hue; it reminds me a Bedeau drank years ago. It’s a light sip. But I mean light in the best sense. Glass after glass full of fresh fruit, anis-seed and broom. Glass after glass goes empty. More!!!!
    - Grans-Fassian Mineralschiefer Trocken 2009. Mosel (14,24 EUR)
    Very nice example of trocken with an affordable price. Vivid, kind, fresh and brilliant.
    - Navazos-Niepoort 2012. Equipo Navazos. DO Jerez y Manzanilla-Sanlúcar de Barrameda (15-16 EUR)
    It’s always a light and easy quaff with a briny touch.
    - Foc Reserva 2009. Maset del Lleó. DO Penedés
    Nice red wine for last cold days. Stones crushing red fruits and last embers in the fireplace. More!
    - El Morrón 2011. Viñedos Culturales. DO Alicante (9,85 EUR)
    Soooo evolved. Brick hue and good bunch of leather and black olives.

    - Los Cipreses de Usaldón 2011. Viñedos Culturales. DO Alicante (12,26 EUR)
    Shiny, bright and clean creek that quench your thirst. More!
    - Ambiz Malvar Maceración Carbónica 2011 (6-7 EUR)
    Sooooo evolved hue: Brown. Hopefully the wine is here yet, despite not so talkative. Soft quaff, ample with a touch of astringency and a good nudge of white ground pepper.
    P.S. I find an unexpected second bottle and I uncork it. Same wine and vintage. Bought together but stored in wine cooling unit. Less evolved hue and more talkative wine than the preceding one.
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    Re: April/2015 wines...

    Ver mensaje de jose

    I'm surprised the Graillot faded on the second day.
    Perhaps 09 too ripe? But normally lots of acidity in this.

    On the Pie Franco you say end of epoch, is that the last vintage before the sale?
    Just received some Erre and Quintaluna from Spain in the hope we get some sunshine over here!

    Thanks for the notes.

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